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Monday evening, March 27th, our St. Lucy will celebrate our Lenten Reconciliation Service.  We will have many priests available to hear your confession and dispense God’s mercy and grace in the action of sacramental healing.

Allowing the light of Christ to shine in the darkness of sin and hurt is one of the amazing blessings we receive in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Our Gospel today talks about bringing sight to the blind.  The blind man in the story had never seen, being born blind, he was unable to even comprehend the beauty of God’s creation until his eyes were opened.  And then everything changed.

When we choose to let go of sin and begin to practice the habits of virtue and grace we then see things differently.  We begin to experience life in the fullness of love.  This is what God desires for us to participate in.  Our Lenten practices of fasting, prayer and giving of alms to the letting go of those parts of our life blocking the relationship of love with God and our family, friends and neighbors. 

When questioned about his healing, the man kept pointing back to Jesus.  In our Lenten prayer booklet “Refresh and Renew Your Life,” the author reminds us to thank Jesus for the gifts of life surrounding us. (p 27)  Pointing back to Jesus, in thanksgiving, is the blessing of our sacramental life as Catholic Christians.

God Bless,

Fr. Mark



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