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Our Second Sunday of Advent is surrounded by the Great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. We celebrated the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on Friday, December 8th and will once again celebrate Mary on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the 12th of the month.

The Immaculate Conception reminds us of the living witness of God’s holy plan for us in the blessing of Mary in her “yes” to love. But in many ways, it is Mary in the apparition as Our Lady of Guadalupe that focuses on the truth of the birth of Jesus Christ not as a past event but as the continuing gift of our Heavenly Father to his people.

In her apparition as a pregnant woman, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is often referred to as Our Lady of Advent. Dr. Maxwell Johnson of Notre Dame University writes, “I would like to suggest that the Virgin of Guadalupe belongs in a particular way to our Advent preparations because, like Mary herself in her great New Testament hymn of God’s praise, the Magnificat, she proclaims to us the Gospel, the good news of our salvation in Christ, the good news of God who scatters the proud, exalts the lowly, fills the hungry with good things and remembers his promises to Abraham and his children for ever.”

Mary, in the reality of Our Lady of Guadalupe calls us to become one in the unity of Love, her son Jesus Christ. “To gaze contemplatively upon the image of Mary Guadalupe, then, is to gaze at the future Church in the making, and to gaze at what we hope, by God’s grace and Spirit, the Church of Jesus Christ, racially, culturally, and even ecumenically, will become."

Don’t forget, with Mary: pray with your family, invite others to come to an Advent Mass and…be generous in allowing God to rest in your hearts.

Our “Renewed in the Light” Capital Campaign continues to be a great blessing. But….we need all parishioners to share in the work of the parish. Please take a pledge card and fill it out and return it to the parish office.

God bless
Fr. Mark



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