Young Ladies Institute

This organization of Catholic Women was established to help others through charitable projects promoting the work of the Church, while working hand in hand with other Catholic women. The group supports each other through prayer, and helps sponsor an annual Burse for the support of Seminarians, the Layette Shower to help mothers with young babies, the Special Olympics, Hospice and other outreach. Young Ladies’ Institute was founded in San Francisco on September 5, 1887 by three friends inspired to help an ill friend. Institutes are located in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

YLI was founded on the Christian principles of charity and love. The emblem of our Order, “The cross within the laurel wreath” signifies our belief that only in this symbol of man’s redemption can we expect the crowning victory of immortality.

Our Meeting Procedures reflect the spirituality that was the concern of our organizers, “The golden links to the Christian virtues faith, hope and charity.” The principles of unity, sisterly love and protection are the diamonds that give brilliance to our Order for they embody our love and concern for each other.

 What we do… YLI

Contact us: Young Ladies Institute (YLI)

Jean Gutto 408-963-8110 jean.gutto@gmail.comimages (15)


St. Lucy’s YLI is sponsoring a Fashion Show & Luncheon on Sat., April 23 at 12:30pm in the PAC. Tickets are $23. Reservations with Rosemary at 408-378-0325.
Proceeds benefit many charities.

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