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What Can YOU Do to Care for Creation? Resources for Getting Started

Our choices and actions in our lives directly impact the environment and our fellow humans, especially those of us who live in the West as most of us consume far more than people in other parts of the world. Even the activities and decisions to which we give little or no thought as having a moral, social justice, or environmental impact actually do: our transportation choices, our food choices, our recreational choices are just a few examples. By considering how much water, fuel, pesticides, etc. particular activities and products we use require, we can see where and how we must reduce our impact. By making wiser choices in our individual lives as well as in our life together as a parish, combined with proactive efforts in our ministries, and incorporating Church teachings on care for Creation into our study and prayer lives, we will have an amazing impact for good on God’s Creation and on social justice!

The amount of information available is abundant. Here is a limited selection of resources to help you get started in your learning and caring for Creation and evaluating how best to incorporate it into your life and parish. We encourage you to be creative and come up with your own options and resources as well!







http://www.chsbuffalo.org/AboutUs/News/2011/Meatless-Monday (Catholic Health – Catholic hospitals)

http://www.catholic.net/index.php?option=dedestaca&id=125 (canon law on meatless Fridays)


Books and Booklets


Catechism of the Catholic Church

On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus (see especially Chapter 7: The Name of Jesus and Transfiguration), by a monk of the Eastern Church, 1970 (this is the blue booklet Fr. Kevin Joyce recommends for instruction in the Jesus Prayer)

Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home, Pope Francis, June 2015

The Environment, Pope Benedict, April 2012

10 Commandments for the Environment: Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Out for Creation and Justice, Pope Benedict with Woodeene Koenig-Bricker, June 2009

Catholics Going Green: A Small Group Guide for Learning and Living Environmental Justice, by Wlater E. Grazer, 2009


In Our Diocese:



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