What St. Lucy Parish is doing

What Are We Doing At St. Lucy Parish to Care for Creation?

St. Lucy has made various changes over the years that help the parish be a better environmental steward, which have had the added benefit of longterm financial savings as well. As we humans are part of Creation and St. Lucy is also active in ministering to those in need. We have:

  • Installed solar panels in parking lot
  • Replaced the lighting in the church with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Spring 2015: sustainably converted over 8,000 square feet of lawn (which used a significant amount of water, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers) with drought-resistant landscaping that is designed to not only save water but attract pollinators as well.
  • Activities to promote social justice and quality of life for all are an integral part of several of our committees and ministries.

What will St. Lucy’s do next? With the publication of Laudato Si’, an authoritative directive from Pope Francis, the parish continues to evaluate its practices and activities for ways in which to improve efficiency, save resources, and to be a better environmental steward. Just a few things the parish is examining for its next projects:

  • Additional Water District programs and grants to replace inefficient fixtures with water saving ones
  • Institute a more comprehensive recycling and composting program
  • Coordinate with the parish office, committees, and ministries to be consistent in our actions of being good environmental stewards
  • Incorporate the ideas and activities of the committees, ministries, and parishioners
  • Do you have ideas and want to help? Please contact the Stewardship Committee or Parish Administrator Raymond Langford
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